I’m inspired by the tangible: real connection, genuine laughter, the way the wind picks up a strand of hair, how one hand lovingly holds another hand. I want to photograph you just as you are at this moment. Your photos should transcend time in such a way that looking at them years after takes your breath away, as though you have found yourself reliving these moments.

I love documenting love. Whether it’s the love you and your fiance share for each other, or the love you have for your equine best friend, I want to be there. It is my goal to create art that you can cherish forever. 

When I’m not photographing, I love spending time outdoors, in the country, where I can run around barefoot. I love spending time with family & friends, movie nights, snacking on pickles like it’s my job, and creating in other art forms such as drawing and ceramics. I’m a huge sucker for turquoise - both the color and the stone, lace, & fuzzy animals. I’ll never turn down a chocolate chip cookie or watching The Office.