He walked into the camera store and started talking about his photographs. She offered to help him with Photoshop, and the rest is history.

We love the outdoors and exploring new places. Our journey in photography together seemed like a no-brainer to us, as our relationship blossomed into constant photography adventures. 

We're inspired by raw emotions and the moments in between. We're inspired by couples crazy in love. We're inspired by our own love for each other, and the moments that make relationships amazing. 

We have two cats, Allison and Domino. Our evenings are spent together, usually eating dinner and watching Netflix with our cats nearby. When the days are long and the weather is nice, we're out exploring. We love going for walks and hikes (mostly so Rob can find birds to photograph) and going on long drives in the country (mostly so Alyssa can find more horses).

We're quite opposite in how we work, but have found the balance to make everything flow seamlessly. We love working with couples to make images that are completely unique (and may include a smoke bomb or two). While Alyssa is photographing horses, Rob is hanging out with the herd, making new friends.