Ben & Taylor :: Anniversary - LaCrosse Wisconsin Wedding

When Ben and Taylor first started dating, they were in junior high. Ben's mom would drop them off at the movies, and on the drives, they would hold hands in the back of the van. Last year they married, and yesterday they celebrated their first year of marriage together.  Since their wedding day, they have moved into their first house together and added the cutest chocolate labradoodle. 

In honor of their amazing love and their anniversary, here's a look back at their gorgeous day. 

Happy anniversary, Ben & Taylor! 

Kristin & Jory - Winter Wisconsin Wedding

In February, we joined Kristin and Jory to continue the winter wedding tradition. As I sat with the parents as we at our dinner, I heard stories about their weddings and how they all married during the winter months. Despite the cold and snow still heavily on the ground, Kristin donned her sandals after the ceremony, and only slipped in to winter boots before traipsing through snow. 

Taylor & Nathan :: Equine Couples Session

They met in Wyoming while Nathan was elk guiding. After a visit back to Minnesota, Taylor and Nathan started spending more time together, and married last September. After moving into their forever home, they started renovating. As Taylor and I talked about our session together, she mentioned that she wanted to be able to capture this time in their life, and the house they are building together. We spent the evening in their home and with their horses, talking about their relationship and what fun things they like to do together. This weekend they’re headed back to Wyoming, to where it all began. 

Kristen & Dan :: Myrick Park Wedding

When I arrived at the salon, I asked Kristen how she was feeling. Nerves hadn't kicked in just yet, but when I asked how the guys were doing, she responded "They were at the gym this morning."  They had a quaint wedding along the Mississippi River at the Myrick Park Center, which used to be a small zoo when we were kids. After Dan kissed his bride, they walked down as husband and wife while Lord of the Rings played in the background. Dan and Kristen's love is evident - from the way that Dan holds Kristen, and the way Kristen looks at Dan, its obvious just how much these two love and care for each other. 

Minnesota Horse Expo

Since I've moved to Minnesota, I plan my schedule around the Minnesota Horse Expo in April. I've consistently gone for the past three or four years now, and enjoy going every year. This year I had some of my work on display with Big Shoe Ranch and Oak Hill Stables, featuring some of my favorite pictures to date. 

I always revel in being with "my people", sharing in our love of horses. I always have my camera within arms reach when horses are involved, and enjoy photographing others as they experience the happiness horses can bring. 

I usually make my rounds through the horse barn, seeing any new faces or breeds. I get most excited about the drafts horses, especially Ben the Boulonnais. I also spend some time wandering through the other buildings looking at all the vendors, as well as watching performances in the coliseum. By the end of the day, I'm ready to grab some donuts and head home to begin loading and editing pictures.