Kristen & Dan :: Myrick Park Wedding

When I arrived at the salon, I asked Kristen how she was feeling. Nerves hadn't kicked in just yet, but when I asked how the guys were doing, she responded "They were at the gym this morning."  They had a quaint wedding along the Mississippi River at the Myrick Park Center, which used to be a small zoo when we were kids. After Dan kissed his bride, they walked down as husband and wife while Lord of the Rings played in the background. Dan and Kristen's love is evident - from the way that Dan holds Kristen, and the way Kristen looks at Dan, its obvious just how much these two love and care for each other. 

Minnesota Horse Expo

Since I've moved to Minnesota, I plan my schedule around the Minnesota Horse Expo in April. I've consistently gone for the past three or four years now, and enjoy going every year. This year I had some of my work on display with Big Shoe Ranch and Oak Hill Stables, featuring some of my favorite pictures to date. 

I always revel in being with "my people", sharing in our love of horses. I always have my camera within arms reach when horses are involved, and enjoy photographing others as they experience the happiness horses can bring. 

I usually make my rounds through the horse barn, seeing any new faces or breeds. I get most excited about the drafts horses, especially Ben the Boulonnais. I also spend some time wandering through the other buildings looking at all the vendors, as well as watching performances in the coliseum. By the end of the day, I'm ready to grab some donuts and head home to begin loading and editing pictures. 

Meagan & Carlos - Cedar Creek Country Club - LaCrosse, Wisconsin Wedding

There was a light shower on Meagan and Carlos' day. As we drove to join the girls getting ready, we talked about the weather. Once we arrived I spent time joining in the joy and laughter while Meagan and her girls got ready. Rather than having bouquets, all of Meagan's bridesmaid held gorgeous floral clutches. Once we arrived at Cedar Creek Country Club, we began taking pictures of friends and family arriving, as well as the beautiful centerpieces adorning the tables. Their quaint wedding was blessed with the musical talent of Meagan's mother, while many of Carlos' family had traveled for the occasion. We snuck outside between the raindrops to capture Meagan, Carlos, and their friends, and continued to share in laughter together. We headed inside to begin the reception, where they had chosen breakfast food for dinner. Meagan's sisters sang for her as part of their speech and well wishes. After they shared in their first dance, we departed for the evening, raving about how perfectly unique their day was. 

Minnesota Monday - Wedding Vendor Goals

I'm a true Wisconsinite at heart. I bleed cheese and love my dairy state. As much of a green and gold fan that I am, I have enjoyed the great state of Minnesota and all that it has to offer. In my short while here I've made some great friends and connections, and have been able to understand why so many people love calling this place home. 

While living in Minnesota, I've come across some amazing wedding vendors. Many of these wedding professionals are ones that I yearn to work with and services they offer that make me swoon. If you're planning a Minnesota wedding and are looking for some fantastic vendors, here are the ones I'm making a goal to work with in 2018:

*The images below are not my own and only added as a visual aid.

 Projects in Person: A modern take on the DIY experience, and the perfect way to celebrate your engagement with friends and family. They have an array of projects you can make, adding an extra piece of rustic comfort to your home. 

 L'Atelier Couture: Their store location alone is enough to swoon over, but the dresses they have inside are even more so. When you're looking for your wedding dress, you want it to be memorable, and the ladies here will help you find it. 

 T-Rex Cookies: I will never turn down a chocolate chip cookie, especially if its the size of my face. T-Rex cookies make more than just your average cookie. Between sea salt caramel chocolate chip and peanut butter banana marshmallow, they are sure to have ones that call your name. And if you have a real hankering, they make a 5lb cookie. No joke. 

Fern & Floret: Sharayah's moody bouquets are absolutely stunning. Each new picture she shares makes me instantly want to switch professions to be able to create such beautiful decorations. Her bouquets and other floral arrangements bring the outdoors to your hands. 


The Hutton House: The Hutton House is a new lakeside location. Their natural light and tall ceilings make me think of a modern barn-to-home venue (I'm always thinking about horses) and the open spaces allows for various backdrops and locations for pictures on your wedding day. 

Stonewall Farms: This place is basically the epitome of everything I love - horses, the outdoors, and rustic barns. Being able to combine my loves in one location is something that I strive to do. If you love the outdoors, horses, or the modern rustic feel, you should take a tour of this place to see why it is so amazing. 

Golden Oak Farm: This quaint farm packs a punch. Greeted by llamas, this wedding venue has the perfect spot for your day. Whether you decide to get married in their barn, or outdoors in one of their many locations, your day is the perfect summertime celebration. Golden Oak Farm is also an excellent location for fall weddings, as the venue is surrounded by trees. 

Minny & Paul: I've been lucky enough to inherit my mother's giving nature. I'm always on the lookout for fun and unique gifts, and Minny & Paul have created just that. These curated gift boxes include items from other creatives and entrepreneurs, and are the perfect way to ask your bridal party to join you, or to give as thank you gifts to your favorite people. Their boxes change and evolve, and ensure that everyone is taken care of with their own interests. 

Blushing Script: I may be a bit biased since Lindsey is from Wisconsin, but it didn't feel right to end my favorite vendors without including anyone from my home state. Not only does she have amazing food pun magnets ("I'm kind of a big dill") but she has laser and engraving work to help commemorate your wedding day. Calligraphy has been a long love of mine, and I often day dream of one day being somewhat successful (meaning creating work I like) in calligraphy and being able to share. I'm not sure when that day may come, but I'll keep day dreaming about it. 

If you're planning your wedding or helping your best friend plan hers, feel free to share.