Maddy & Murray

Early mornings have a certain feel to them. The quiet, calm, and cool of the morning air lends itself to being a bit eerie, but part of me enjoys that. I woke up early in the morning to get ready for our photoshoot together. I was picking up my friend Becky, so I had to get up even earlier than I had planned. As we drove together, the sun ever so slightly began to peek out. Becky and I talked about how we hoped the sunrise would lend itself to be gorgeous and colorful. We arrived at Heath Creek Stables and gathered our things. Maddy was finishing up grooming Murray and we were welcomed by the barn cat. Maddy decided to brave the cold and be photographed in her prom dress. Standing out in the cold is any feat, but Maddy took it like a champ. After a quick discussion of some of our ideas, we went out to the field where Maddy and Murray would practice their jumping. I asked them to stand in the middle of the field and just to interact together. Murray must have known he had two cameras on him, as the interaction and connection of these two began to unfold. There were plenty of hugs, kisses and cuddles and Murray seemed to be enjoying himself. Little did we know that Murray was about ready to be done, to be fed, given lots of cookies, and be out with his friends. Maddy stayed calm and collected as he fought her on everything she asked of him. We ended our session in the pasture, getting a few headshots of him by himself. Maddy and Murray had an unspeakable bond, and I loved so many of the pictures I captured of the two of them. After we finished our day, Becky and I compared images and talked about how awesome the morning was, despite it being early. 


To Maddy and Murray, thank you for braving the cold morning with us. Thank you for sharing a piece of your connection with us. Be sure to give Murray an extra cookie for me.