engaged couples


Photographing you and your love in all your awkward glory. It doesn’t matter if you’re engaged, married, or dating - if you want some awesome pictures of you two laughing and loving each other, we’ll crack plenty of lame jokes for you. .




// can we just do an engagement shoot with you?

Yes! It is not a requirement to book us for your wedding day. I offer to book the engagement pictures first and go from there - if you love our time together or you have someone else in mind for your wedding day, we'll still have an awesome time together.

// what if we aren't engaged and just want pictures?

It doesn't matter if you're engaged, not engaged or married. If you just want an excuse to get close to your love, let's chat on how we can make that happen.

// how do we choose where to go for our session?

Sometimes it can be as simple as a local park, a favorite restuaraunt or a family farm for our locations. If there is somewhere that is near and dear to you both, let's start there.

// what do we wear?

We want you to be comfortable and to be yourselves. Your clothes should reflect your day to day wardrobe and what makes you feel like the most badass version of yourself.

// we're awkward in front of the camera, now what?

Have you seen Taledega Nights where Ricky Bobby doesn't know what to do with his hands? I won't leave you hanging like that and be sure to put your hands in all the right places. We welcome the awkwardness and promise we'll make you comfortable and relaxed by cracking terrible jokes.