equine sessions

I never grew out of the horse phase when I was a kid. Although I've never been fortunate enough to have my own horses, they are deeply rooted within me and run through my blood. Every opportunity to be around horses, whether its photographing, grooming, riding or even just looking, is a great day in my book. I photograph the way I see the horse - beautiful, powerful, majestic - and perfectly unique. 

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Horse & Rider

The bond between you and your horse is inseparable. You know each others quirks and work together in harmony for a beautiful partnership. Create keepsakes of your connection and get in an extra dose of horse hugs and kisses. The perfect session for your senior year or your senior horse. 

Two hour sessions starting at $350. Includes USB & keepsake box with prints. 

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At Liberty

Just your horse in all their glory. A more intimate approach to photographing just your horse, capturing their personality as we follow them around. Between grazing in the pasture and running around in the arena, there will be perfect opportunities to photograph your horse from every angle and capture every little thing that makes them so special. 

One hour sessions starting at $130. Includes USB & online gallery.