I started riding when I was 10 after begging my parents for riding lessons. I rode a horse named Buck who was a stubborn old gelding. He helped me compete in my first show, and helped me learn how to canter bareback (my mom still brings up that day and the smile I had on my face). I often look back at those pictures and remember that day like it was yesterday. Years from now, I want you to be able to show your bond with your favorite horse and tell the stories that have made you the person and rider you are today.




// how long are sessions?

I typically book 2 hour sessions, but we can book any length you're looking for. Whether its the full two hours or 30 minutes, I have rates available for all sessions.

// what's included?

Two hour sessions include the images on a custom flash drive with printing rights, and a custom box with five 4x6 prints from our session. Books and wall art options are also available.

// what should i wear?

Whatever makes you comfortable! Feel free to have a couple outfits to choose from, or if you have a show outfit and something more casual, we can use both to our advantage.

// how should i prepare my horse?

Make sure your horse is fed and groomed prior to our session. Be sure to bring fly spray during the summer months and some of their favorite treats. If your horse tends to be higher energy, lunge the horse for a little bit beforehand to help calm any nerves.