Favorites from 2016

Somehow its the end of December, and I don't like it. 

Before I started working retail, the year never really seemed to fly by. Now all of a sudden, the new year is almost here and I'm wondering "where did my summer go?" Despite feeling like I've been in a time warp, I've been looking through all the photographs I took this past and reminiscing of all these wonderful moments. I'm thankful for the new friends I've made and for the love and support I've had. 

2017 is new and scary. I'm terrified to enter the new year, having not accomplished nearly all that I wanted to. However, it's time for change. Time to focus on the good, focus on new opportunities, and be excited for everything that can happen with the new year.

My appreciation for this past year cannot be put into words. To everyone who supports me, and those of you that I have been lucky and honored to work with, thank you. Here's a look at my favorites from my 2016.