Top 5 reasons you need a winter photoshoot - Midwest Wedding & Equine Photographer


1. Winter sessions are short: I've done sessions that last the full two hours with some amazing clients, willing to brave the cold. But let's be realistic, who wants to be outside for a two hour session in the dead of a Minnesota winter? I have winter sessions available for half hour and hour long sessions, so go to my contact page to set yours up.

2. Winter sessions are unique: While all your friends have their walls decorated from their summer session, drenched in sweat from the heat and humidity, your walls will be decorated with unique and interesting pictures of you sweat free, looking cute all bundled up next to your love - either they are two legged or four. 

3. Winter sessions are about simplicity: Without any green grass, leaves or other objects taking the focus away from you, having the white snow is like a blank canvas. The opportunities are endless, and it's easy to have the focus directly on you. Pine trees are the epitome of winter and the holiday season, and can really accentuate a setting and make it feel even more magical.

4. Winter sessions are the perfect excuse for cuddling: The one thing I love about the cold? Hot chocolate and curling up under a blanket. Let's go out in the snow and I'll capture you and your love cuddled together, sipping on hot chocolate, wrapped under a blanket. Or we can get close and snuggled to your horse, basking in their mammoth like coats. Either way, cuddling is highly encouraged. 

5. Winter sessions have gorgeous lighting: On the days when the sun shines, the light that is produced is amazing. The sun is lower, which results in more flattering light and reduced harsh shadows, which is my absolute favorite to photograph in. Plus, with the time change, sessions are done earlier, which means you have the evening to relax and spend with your love. 

If any of this has convinced you that winter sessions are the way to go, please feel free to contact me for any questions! Before we know it, the snow will be sticking! 

Alyssa SmolenComment