El Querendon "Q" - Minnesota Equine Photographer


As we walked through the stable, I peered into each stall as we passed, taking in each horse and what they were occupying themselves with. It’s one of the things I always enjoy seeing the layout of the barn, as well as how the light comes in through the windows and doors. When we arrived at his stall, I was instantly smitten. His freckles and Andalusian mane drew me in with first sight. He had patches of dark markings adorning his legs and parts of his body, which I gave barely any thought too, although it was intriguing that he such markings. After chatting for a bit we gathered his bridle and lead him outside.

Brit had been searching for an Andalusian when she finally came across the craigslist ad for El Querendon. His listing had barely been online for three hours, yet deep inside she knew that this was the horse for her. El Querendon means “the lover” in Spanish, but Brit calls him “Mr. Q”. The dark black markings adorning Q’s body are not spots in his coat, but rather marks from a troubled past. His legs were once hobbled, chained, and beaten to make him “dance”. His tongue is disfigured from harsh bits. His body was sore and his soul was broken down. Brit was initially drawn to Q by pure compassion - compassion for an animal who desperately needed her as much as she needed him. Despite his history, Q has blossomed into a beautiful horse in so many ways. With Q’s tremendous work ethic and eagerness to learn, he has taken to dressage naturally, he finds his training enjoyable and continues to progress through the levels. He is quite the toddler, running around and throwing his head, playing every chance he gets. Brit’s love of horses has influenced her entire life, and now she’s building her forever barn for Mr. Q.

Upon meeting Q, anyone can see the scars covering his body that tell the story of the abuse he lived through before Brit found him. With a home filled of love and plenty of treats, Q is the testament to “your past does not define your future”.

Alyssa SmolenComment