Minnesota Horse Expo

Since I've moved to Minnesota, I plan my schedule around the Minnesota Horse Expo in April. I've consistently gone for the past three or four years now, and enjoy going every year. This year I had some of my work on display with Big Shoe Ranch and Oak Hill Stables, featuring some of my favorite pictures to date. 

I always revel in being with "my people", sharing in our love of horses. I always have my camera within arms reach when horses are involved, and enjoy photographing others as they experience the happiness horses can bring. 

I usually make my rounds through the horse barn, seeing any new faces or breeds. I get most excited about the drafts horses, especially Ben the Boulonnais. I also spend some time wandering through the other buildings looking at all the vendors, as well as watching performances in the coliseum. By the end of the day, I'm ready to grab some donuts and head home to begin loading and editing pictures.