My top 4 reasons you shouldn't fear the elements on your wedding day


If you're anything like me, you live for the days of sunshine and blue skies. You soak up all the sun and fresh air you can get, and although you don't mind a rainy day once in a while, sunshine makes your heart sing. When it comes time for your wedding day, or even your engagement pictures, you want everything to be perfect. However, as much as we wish every day was filled with blue skies, here in Minnesota we aren't so lucky, especially when fall and winter roll around. I'm here to ensure that any of the elements - cloud cover, wind, rain, snow - are nothing to fear and help make your pictures more unique. 


1. No Harsh Shadows: Cloud cover acts as a natural diffuser, which means that you won't be squinting into the sun or have to worry about harsh shadows across your face. Clouds can also create a different look for your pictures, which often tend to be a bit more moody. 

2. Moody Pictures: On your wedding day, you're looking your best. Your makeup is done, your hair is perfectly placed, and you and your dress are looking amazing. Any little thing to mess that up can be daunting, but let me tell you, photographing in the wind is one of my favorites. When I'm standing in front of you and the wind is blowing your hair, all I see are opportunities to capture the moments your husband brushes the hair behind your ear, or pushes it out of your face to lean down and kiss you. It can act as a focus point with the two of you kissing discretely in the background. 

3. Memorable Day: Although the elements can be a damper on your day, I like to use that as an opportunity to make it even more memorable. Years from now when you're looking back on your wedding day, you can think about all the fun you had playing out in the rain, or having a snowball fight, or tickling your husband's face with your hair and veil in the wind. Minnesota weather is unpredictable, but I love to make the best of it whenever I can. 

4. Life is Messy: Life is full of ups and downs, good things and bad. However, life is beautifully messy and only enhances our unique story. 

I completely understand and fully support the want to reschedule a session to avoid dealing with the Minnesota weather. These are just some things to think about when you're envisioning our session together. Leave me a comment below what your favorite season is, or what kind of weather is your favorite. 

Alyssa SmolenComment