What inspires me during a shoot - Midwest Wedding & Equine Photographer


When I was a kid I used to daydream about having horses, primarily seeing them running through the field, their manes and tails blazing in the sunlight, and of course, Dixie Chicks playing in the background. It often felt like a mini movie in my head, and has influenced how I approach photographing today. Going into a session, whether its horses or a couple, I'm always looking at the entire scene. With our given location, how can I make these pictures come from a movie? How do I see this scene? Often times its the minuscule things I focus on - how we see, how we feel with our hands, how the light and wind affect everything. Other times its putting myself in my client's shoes. If I were them, what moments would I want captured? I want the moments of my love holding me close, laughing and enjoying each other. I want moments of horses nuzzling with me and the snuggles we share. I put myself into each shoot I do and create based on what I feel and what moves me in life. When we book our shoot together, I promise to make it fun, relaxing, and most importantly - memorable.